• Aleeya Rauf

Digital Marketing?

The term “digital marketing” is a relatively new term that has emerged over the past decade, as Ron Burgundy can say that it is “one of the most important matters”. If we want to define it in the simplest possible way, digital marketing is a comprehensive term that means the marketing of products or services using digital technology. Internet marketing is by far the most important segment of digital marketing. While the value of traditional channels such as television and radio declined more and more, Internet marketing continued to gain more and greater shares of companies' marketing budgets, with millions of companies marketing exclusively through the internet.

As it is an online strategy, you use tools such as: websites, blogs, networks, videos, as well as applications on cell phones that are marketed for business. Do you remember those banners that are displayed online everywhere? Or the email you receive that contains commercial offers or a digital book that you can download for free? These are examples of digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Benefits:

The big difference with digital marketing is that through the Internet you can analyze metrics that relate to the outcome of actions and businesses today. As for marketing without using the Internet, or as we call it offline marketing, you can only get an approximate number of people who have seen a commercial on TV or an advertisement on the street, for example. In digital marketing, you can know - exactly - the number of people who clicked on your ad, the actual number of people who downloaded your digital book, as well as the number of people who bought your product, and so on ... With this data, you can examine various strategies, and even correct an error, for example if necessary.

For the next blog post I will share with you the example and concept of Digital Marketing with more details. Cheers!


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